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UgenixPRO Nitric Shock Pre – Workout (Fruit Punch)



  • Explosive Energy
  • Incredible Strength
  • Amazing Muscular Pumps
  • Mental Focus

UgenixPRO Nitric Shock contains a ton of ingredients that heighten your workout and performance, to make sure you’re getting the best workout, every time you enter the gym. Filled with Vitamin B, to Folic Acid, to an Energy/Endurance Focus blend this pre-workout will give you the mental focus, boost of energy, and support your muscles need.





UgenixPRO Nitric Shock also contains a blend of B complex and caffeine for energy, taurine for mental clarity, and beta alanine and l-tyrosine for ATP endurance, and provides your body with creatine pre-cursors and dicreatine malate to help you build lean muscle mass fast.



UgenixPRO Nitric shock is a nitric oxide sports nutrition drink which enhances performance, mental focus, and energy; it promotes and assist the mind and body in ability to respond more rapidly throughout your workout. Nitric shock increases blood flow throughout vessels to allow more nutrition into the muscles being worked. Benefits may include: elevated performance, mental focus, and stauncher physical response.

Overall, Nitric shock promotes muscle mass development and used as a pre-workout supplement it can increase energy, proliferate focus and help to maintain endurance. Available in Fruit Punch and Watermelon flavors.

Weight 2 lbs


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